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As everyone knows the parishes of St. Helena and St. Francis have a rich history.  Our current church was built in 1958 and has acted as the Catholic Heart of Fort Morgan for many years.  Our Church is in need of Help!!!  The church is in need of being remodeled.  Here is a list of the biggest problems:

1. Abestos both in the Main Church and in the basement

2. Our pews have not been refurbished for many years

3.  Our roof is leaking

4. Our Carpets are coming up and need to be replaced

This is in no way a full list of all the work that has to be accomplished in the church there are many other things.

In Decemeber, I approached the parish and spoke about our situation.  In January, we began a $1.3 million dollar capital campaign to remodel the Church, to partake in the diocesan campaign for the seminaries, and to create an endowment fund for the parish so that once the parish is remodeled we will be able to handle future problems.  The breakdown for the funds of the campaign are as follows:

1. $97,000 for the seminaries

2. $1-1.1 million dollars for the Remodel

3. $200,000 to create an endowment fund for the parish

Our need is real.  Please keep an eye out for our updated web page tab where you can get more information on the campaign.  If you are able to help please contact Fr. Joseph Toledo at the parish office.  So far we have recieved $115,000 in pledges that is amazing!!!  However, we are still far from goal!!!

God bless you and repay you for your kindness toward this project.

Fr. Joseph Toledo


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